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QBO Connect Conference Sydney 2017


Attending the first Australian QBO Connect Conference in Sydney was definitely an exciting event.  

Rove Where are your Socks!!

 Rove McManus always the character was missing his socks! He found them later but I got this great shot of him without them……

 The technology available today that will be integrated in the future into QBO is quite simply amazing. In just a few minutes by voice recognition into your mobile app you will have added a new customer, created an invoice, organised the delivery schedule, checked how much Gross Profit you are making on the sale and be able to search other suppliers to see if you can make more profit, if you cannot fund the monies for the upfront payment you will be able to check for finance, speak to your trusted advisor and have this all organised in the matter of say 5-10 mins. This is absolutely revolutionary and I cannot wait for this technology.

Frazer Sisters from The Block

 I met the Frazer sisters from the Block and their message was that you will get knockbacks but your drive will keep you going. I totally agree with this point and that was that you need to be passionate about what you do and you need to question yourself about whether you will be happy in 5 years doing this. You need to have good staff.

 Melody Shiue from mPort said that the 3 Cs were important: Cost, Consumers, Communication.

Also if you have staff, you should take the ‘boss’ out of the title and be part of the team (That is what I definitely believe with my team). It is also important to keep up to date and read lots of info to stay ahead in your industry. Ultimately to drive your business you need Passion and Perseverance…………….

Mick Spencer from ONTHEGO Sports


 Mick Spencer from OntheGo Sports explained that there were lots of challenges in growing a business.  He explained about the 4Ps Purpose, People, Planet and Profit. Try and find suppliers and partners that are the right fit with you. His brand is focused on delivery in full, trust, dependability and to do what they say.

Rove interviewing Steve Baxter

 Steve Baxter from Shark Tank was interviewed by Rove McManus on stage and they were hilarious. Steve made a valuable suggestion that was to that never listen to an opinion unless it is from a customer.

 Michelle Bridges even managed to have everyone in the room doing squats.  I thought that was quite an achievement 🙂 Her philosophy of JUST DO IT is so true. As Michelle said sometimes we do need to just do it and then plan for it, you need to work out what is holding you back and then overcome it. This is not only in exercising this is across all facets of our lives.

Overall it was a great day. It totally reinforced my ideals and beliefs that I have for business and that the future is a very exciting place!!

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