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Here are some answers!


In my last Blog I commenced with many questions. Hopefully this helped being back to work. The last question I asked was could you delegate some of the responsibilities? This could be to staff members or even outsourcing work to experts in their field. An example would be if the accounts, bookkeeping and compliance work is getting out of hand, or even not knowing where your business is heading AboveBAS would be the business to contact to help you get back on top of your financials.

I also mentioned about rewarding yourself for the accomplishments that you achieve in your business. Some businesses may not know how their business is travelling, Cash flow and Profit and Loss. Does your business prepare budgets, this is important to compare what you should be spending in the business to actual? This can be compared to weight loss how can you lose weight if you do not have a goal or you don’t compare your actual calories consumed to those burnt off. Abovebas is about simplifying the processes you have in place and being able to understand the numbers to maximise your business.

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Back to work


A week back at work and decisions need to be made. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the work piling up on your desk? Are you thinking new strategies need to be implemented? Take a breath and step back to prioritise the piles that are coming in. What is urgent? What can wait a week? Can you delegate some of the responsibilities?

Have you taken time out to reward and enjoy the accomplishments that your business has achieved or have you continued to work hard overlooking the enjoyment of each moment. It is definitely food for thought as the New Year commences and plans are being put into action. What will you do when you achieve each component of your plan? It doesn’t have to be a huge reward, little rewards are still acknowledgement of your achievements. Well for me, I will have to celebrate once my website is up and running and become proficient in Blogging and my LinkedIn page.

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Welcome to AboveBAS


Welcome to AboveBAS. This is our first blog post and we are very excited to have this opportunity to provide updated information to our clients and followers. We are finally back in the office and are beginning to develop content for our website. Many changes will be happening to AboveBAS this year. The first change being the change of our business name Sona Bookkeeping Services to AboveBAS. We will still offer the same quality of service, however, aim to broaden our horizions. We have become a Pure Bookkeeping licensee.  This will ensure consistency in our processes and maintain quality in the work completed. We have just created an account and will be posting regularly on this forum. For more information about our business you can keep updated by subscribing to our newsletters. Sign up on the home page of our website And don’t forget to check out our LinkedIn page.

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